500 pcs 4 x 6 inch Shrink Wrap Bags for Bath Bombs, Soaps, Bottles, Cookies, Crafts & DIY Homemade Products, Odorless Round End Heat Shrink Wrapping Bags by yookee home

yookee homeSKU: HCCGWWLHR



The shrink wrapping bags are perfect for wrapping the bath bombs and handmade soaps, it's also can be used for wrapping the small size items, such as essential oil dropper bottles, cosmetics, gift box.

Safe and odorless, FDA approved for food contact directly, free of lead and other toxins

Round bottom design, so that the bags can wrap the bath bomb smoothly and without the sharp edge

There is a vent hole on the bag, which can eliminate ballooning

Step 1.Put the bath bomb in the shrink wrap bag
Step 2.Seal and cut off the redundant part with the impulse heat sealer
Step 3.Heat the bag with the heat gun until it begins shrinking
Step 4.It wraps the bath bomb completely

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