9 inch Round Banneton Bread Baking Proofing Basket Set with Natural Rattan Brotform, Cotton Liner, French Bread Lame Scoring Tool, 10-Pk Dough Blades, Flexible Bowl Scraper, eBook by XUANNIAO




  • 5-Piece dough proofing basket set features 9-inch round rattan proving bread basket, cloth liner, bread lame scoring tool; 10-pk dough blades, food grade bowl scraper
  • Ideal sourdough proofing basket for your favorite artisan bread; makes great starter gift set for aspiring bakers who enjoy crafting handmade round boules
  • Use banneton proving basket with cloth liner for smooth finish; without liner for decorative ring finish; handmade natural rattan wood; measures 9x3.5 inches
  • Score pretty patterns on loaves using Bordelaise professional dough scoring tool by Mure and Peyrot in France; comes with protective cover
  • Includes eBook featuring 12 bread recipes; and bread bowl scraper for mixing, shaping, and dividing bread dough
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