Anavim Heavy Duty Water Weight Bag Saddle Design 4 Pack Photo Video Studio Stand, Backyard, Outdoor Patio, Sports, RV Awning (Blue)


Color:: Blue


About this item

  • FOCUS ON YOUR CRAFT, NOT HUNTING FOR SAND: Sand leg anchors do work but can be a real nightmare. You may not have access to sand, and they can be a total mess! These water weight bags are going to save you loads of time and money.
  • DURABILITY THAT SIMPLY CAN’T BE MATCHED: These innovative ground anchors come in two colors, black and green, and are made from durable, waterproof PVC that’s designed to last. Leaks and punctures will never be a concern.
  • THESE BAGS COME IN HANDY IN MANY WAYS: Use the canopy weights to camera tripod stands, speaker stands, photography lights, photo/video equipment, photo studios, and more. If it needs to be weighted down, these bags are up for the task.
  • USE WITH OR WITHOUT THE BAG STRAPS: The water saddlebags come equipped with straps that you can quickly attach to the structure they need to hold in place. The heavy bags are just as effective when used without the straps too!
  • CLEANED UP AND ON YOUR WAY IN SECONDS: Saving you time and money is our mission. These unique furniture anchors deflate into a small, portable size. Simply dump the water out, and you’ll be on your way. No mess and no hassle!

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