ATPWONZ 100 pcs Plant Clips, Orchid Clips Plant Orchid Support Clips Flower and Vine Clips for Supporting Stems Vines Grow Upright Dark Green




Plant or Animal Product Type: Plant
Color: Dark Green
Material: Wood, Plastic
Specific Uses For Product: 其他

High Material Made:these clips are made by high qualtiy plastic.They are non-toxic and eco-friendly.You can use it for a long time.They are plastic and ADJUSTABLE clip to fit your plant without rust.
For Many Place: You can use it for outdoors and indoors plant. They are not afraid of rain and corrosion.SIZE:wide:1.5cm/0.6 inch.They are suitable for small and medium size plan.Notice:they are not suitable for large plants.
CLIPS BENIFITS:These plant clips hold seedling stem and delicate flower securely, non-slip, provide great and steady support for plants to grow upright and towards sunlight.
WHAT PLANTS FOR:Can be used to tomato support, orchid, vine or seedlings. Just clip the stem to bamboo stakes, tomato cage or anything that can provide support. Causing no damaged to plant or hinder growth. With quick and flexible release design, these plant clips are simply and effortlessly provide support to plant and seedling stem.
QUANTITY:these clips are 100 pcs that makes your plant face to sunlight.100 pieces can be used for a long time.The clip gentlely supports orchids to grow in good condition.

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