BBQ Butler Smoker Insulation Blanket for Traeger Pro 575, Traeger Pro 22 Series and Lil' Tex Elite - Thermal Insulated Blanket - Pellet Smoker Accessories - Keep Grilling During Winter


Size:: Large


  • REACH HIGHER TEMPERATURES - The BBQ Butler Insulation Blanket cover allows you to grill at higher temperatures by trapping heat inside the grill chamber
  • USE FEWER PELLETS - Each insulated smoker blanket has been carefully designed to minimize heat loss so that you use fewer pellets and maximize fuel efficiency
  • PROTECTS YOUR SMOKER - The protective outer layer shields the smoker from the elements so that it stays in top condition even in harsh weather
  • FITS TRAEGER PRO 22 SERIES AND LIL' TEX ELITE - This smoker insulation blanket fits the Traeger Pro 575, Traeger Pro 22 Series and the Lil' Tex Elite. Compare to Lil' Tex Insulation Blanket - BAC344. Also fits the Trager Pro 20 like a champ
  • GRILL ALL YEAR ROUND - Our Traeger Pro 22 compatible insulation blankets allow you to grill all year round. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ABOVE 40F OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE

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