Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, FRK Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale Apple Health and Google Fit, Body Composition Analyzer for Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water, White (LL02)




Digital Body Weight Scale: Without bluetooth connection, it can be your body weight scale providing your body weight.
Body Fat Percentage Scale: When you connect the scale with the app, it becomes a smart scale fully measuring body weight, body fat percentage, body mass index(BMI), muscle, water, BMR, visceral fat etc.
Baby scale: Easy to get the weight of baby by calculating the gap between your weight to the total weight while holding baby.

1. Please use the digital scale on the hard and even surface. Avoid carpet or other soft surface.
2. Please ignore the first readout after the digital scale be moved since scale need to have a recalibration.
3. Before stepping onto the scale, remove your shoes and make sure your feet are clean and dry to give them good contact with the scales’ 4 sensor pads
4. Our Body weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day. People are lighter on the morning, heavier in the middle of the day.
5. Each of our products has gone through quality exam to meet your needs. Please kindly take one minute to contact us if you need prompt one by one use instruction.

The measurements should only be used for reference. For medical uses, please better consult a professional doctor. Pregnant individuals are NOT advised to use for safety. If you have a pacemaker, it's better check with your doctor before using a smart body fat scale.

Platform: ABS plastic
Product Size:10.3"x10.3"
Capacity: 400lbs/180kgs-0.2 lb
Unit: lb/kg/st
Auto calibration
Step on/off
Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC
Low battery/over load indication
Power: 4xAAA batteries(included)

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