Breyer Grooming Kit

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  • HORSES INSPIRE - like no other animal in the world. They are Majestic. Beautiful. Powerful. Graceful. Horses bring a sense of Nurturing, Relationship, Caring and Loyalty.
  • AUTHENTICITY: Breyer Horses are sculpted in every color and breed imaginable with unmatched realism. Breyer model horses, which begin as artist’s sculptures, are handcrafted and hand-painted with airbrushes and paintbrushes – a process which is still done by human hands, not machines. Even today, no two Breyer models are ever exactly alike!
  • COLLECT: Shop the entire collection of Breyer Traditional Series.
  • ACCESSORIES: Build an entire world with all Traditional accessories (sold separately) which includes realisitic, barns, fencing, tack, trailers and even riders.
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