Christmas On The Range

Rated: NR Format: DVDSKU: HC5O076082

Formats: DVD


All Kendall Riley wants for the holidays is to save her family's ranch, but her longtime rival, small-town scrooge Brick McCree, has other plans in mind. When Brick's son, Clint, comes back to town, he is immediately drawn to Kendall and offers a helping hand. As a romance starts to blossom, Kendall's farm is sabotaged, leaving her to wonder about Clint's true intentions. Filled with action, adventure, redemption, and forgiveness, this is a modern-day Christmas story, that the entire family will love. Starring Erin Cahill (Saving Grace, Last Vermont Christmas), Nicholas Gonzalez (The Good Doctor, How to Get Away with Murder), A Martinez (Longmire, Santa Barbara), and Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman, Grey's Anatomy).

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