ComfiTime Dog Chew Toy - Interactive Suction Cup Dog Toy for Tug of War, Chewing; Durable Dog Ball and Rope Toy for Boredom, Teething, Teeth Cleaning and Training; Tough Enough for Aggressive Chewers




  • đŸ¶ă€Interactive Toy, Teether, Slow Feeder and Agility Trainer】No more long bored days for your dogs. With a jingle bell in the ball, the interactive dog toy keeps your dog busy and entertained with fun activities like pulling, ringing, chewing and tossing. The soft spiky ball promotes your dog’s oral health by providing gentle brush and massage to the teeth and gums. It also works as a slow feeder or treats dispenser, which helps your dog build healthy eating habits and reduce gas.
  • đŸ¶ă€Rigorously Tested Product】ComfiTime is the original creator of the double suction cup design. Each product was rigorously tested for its suction power to live up to the quality we promise to our customers. However, using suction cups can be a little tricky and the results vary on the condition of the mounting surface. Please carefully follow the instructions in the product description to make this product work great for you.
  • đŸ¶ă€Improved TPR Formula for Better Toughness and Durability】The chew ball and the suction cups are produced from food-grade, BPA-free TPR (thermo-plasticized rubber) material. Sized at 3.2-inch diameter, this teething ball is suitable for most puppies.
  • đŸ¶ă€Body Armor-Grade Rope Fibers】The ComfiTime dog toy uses high-quality, super strong fibers that are used to make body armor. So you don’t have to worry about the rope being destroyed by puppies in minutes, like what happened to other suction cup dog toys.
  • đŸ¶ă€Dog-Approved Colors】According to scientific research, blue and yellow are colors that are most appealing to dog eyes. That’s why we use blue and yellow for our dog toys, so your puppies can get the best experience out of it.
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