Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick for Horse, Cow, Goat, etc. Made from Specially Selected Higher Quality Himalayan Salt - Evenly Distributed Minerals - 100% Pure & Natural

Himalayan SecretsSKU: HC5O078021

Size:: 4.4 Lbs BRICK


  • 🐖100% All Natural Compressed Himalayan Salt, No additives, No binding agents.
  • 🐎Ensures The Presence of Himalayan Salt Minerals Distributed Evenly Throughout The Licking Block
  • 🐄Natural Cut Himalayan Salt Licks have white shades which causes higher sodium & less mineral intake
  • 🐑Designed to have Curved Edges and a Smooth Surface to make it more Appealing & Animals can Freely Lick the Block without any Fear of Bruise. A Hole in the Middle is provided for easy Mounting.
  • 🐐Great for All Animals and Livestock such as Horses, Cows, Buffalo, Camels, Sheep, Goats, Deer, etc.
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