Deefre Odor Sealing Disposable Diaper Bags S/200 Count Diaper Sacks Scented Diaper Trash Bags Large Capacity Diaper Disposal or Pet Waste Bags [Color:Orange]


Size:: ‎M 150Count
Color:: Orange


About this item

  • [Amazing Deodorant Power] This diaper bag adopts a 7-layer film structure, and the middle layer is EVOH deodorant film, which has an excellent deodorant.The baby poop bag isolates the breeding of bacteria, creates a cleaner and comfortable environment, and cares for the health of babies and mothers.
  • [Safety]This diaper bag is 0.02mm thick , the high-density material is not easy to tear, so there is no need to worry about water leakage and breakage.Use new materials to be friendly to babies. Even if it is burned, there will be no harmful substances, which is friendly to the environment.
  • [Multiple Specifications] Four sizes : XS(7.8" x 11.8" /300 Counts) , S(9" x 15" /200 Counts) , M(11.8" x 15.7" /150 Counts) , L(13.8" x 19.7" /100 Counts). Large capacity, you can use it for a long time.You can choose the most suitable size according to the size of the baby's diaper.
  • [Wide Application] It is a disposable bag that can be used as a disposal bag for baby diapers , pet poop , kitchen waste and sanitary napkins. Provide many conveniences for your life.
  • [Easy to use] Put the garbage into the bag, rotate and tighten the bag, and finally knot. The smell will disappear immediately.The box design is more convenient. When the mother holds her baby, she can easily take out the bag. Small volume, suitable for placing anywhere.
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