Deefre Vacuum Sealer Bags 11’‘x16’ 6 Rolls for Food Saver, BPA Free and Puncture Prevention Vacuum Seal Food Saver Bags,Great for Sous Vide,Vac Storage or Meal Prep




  • DURABLE AND PUNCTURE PREVENTION-Deefre food saver vacuum sealer bags rolls are made from multi-layer co-extrusion films to optimize sealing performance. 4 mil for the gloss side and 11 mils for the textured side,more than 5 times of puncture prevention effect.
  • BPA FREE & SAFETY FIRST- Our food saver bags are made with non-polluting top raw materials,boil safe, microwave safe and freezer safe. Even if the food saver bags for vacuum sealer burns, it does not produce any toxic substances and is environmentally friendly.
  • PERFECT FOR SOUS VIDE-Our vacuum sealing bags can be boiled up to 195 F/ 90C safely. They are water-proofed, so ingredients can go through its water bath without a problem.
  • INCREASE STORAGE TIME FOR NUTRITION AND FLAVOR-Deefre seal a meal bags rolls with embossed channels to block the air out completely and tightly seal your food. The oxygen barrier design helps you to extend the lifetime of the food and preserve its unique flavour.
  • WORKS WITH ALL VACUUM SEALERS - Deefre Food saver bags are designed to be compatible with all major vacuum sealer brands.

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