Deluxe Bird Feeding Station : Bird Feeders for Outside - Hang Multiple Feeders From the 4 Hangers, Bird Bath - 22 Inch Wide x 7 feet 8 inch Tall by AshmanOnline

AshmanOnlineSKU: HC65VFR8Z



  • ✅ PREMIUM DESIGN: Rust proof, strong steel bird feeder pole stands 7 feet and 8 inches tall and 22 inches wide. the bowl and mesh tray are adjustable to any position on the pole by simply loosening a wing nut, moving the accessory to desired location and tightening back the wing nut. The 5 prongs that go in the ground provide additional stability and support. it also comes with indestructible water bowl.
  • ✅ENTERTAINING: Hang as many different kinds of bird feeders from the four hooks which are provided and each bird feeder will contain a different type of bird feed, as a result the bird station is bound to attract a variety of birds and water cups are also great source for attracting thirsty birds. ideal location for the bird station would be few yards away from the house with unobstructed view.
  • ✅ACCESSORIES: The bird station comes with heavy duty twin top hooks, two small arms, mesh tray, bird bath, and five prongs legs to insert it into the ground for additional stability. The top hooks can hold heavier bird feeders for several weeks of supply and the smaller hooks are especially good for humming bird feeders to hold nectar. All accessories are easily detachable for cleaning
  • ✅MEMORABLE GIFT: Gift it to your grandparents, mom and dad or children in the house. They will cherish the gift forever and over joyed by the novelty of such a gift. After all who does not like feeding the hungry birds. They will adore the bird station and will always remember you. Birds population also needs to be preserved for future generations.
  • ✅GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: No questions asked return policy. If for some reason you are not happy with the product, simply return it back to us and we will be happy to refund.
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