Dr.meter S30 Soil Moisture Meter, Soil PH Moisture Sunlight 3 in 1 Soil Test Kits for Garden, Lawn Plants Indoors & Outdoors




  • [3-in-1 Gardening Tool] Great gardens need more than a green thumb. Give your plants some extra TLC! The Dr.meter S30 Plus Soil Tester provides quick and accurate information about your soil's moisture, pH, and even sunlight level.
  • [Grow Longer, Grow Stronger] Are your plants dying, but you don't know why? Ever wonder what's going on beneath the surface? This amazing moisture meter will tell you everything you need to know about your plant¡¯s growing condition. You'll know if you need to give your plant more light, more water, or if the soil is too acidic.
  • [Quick and Accurate] Our upgraded detection technology takes the soil tester's speed and accuracy to the next level. You'll get precise and easy-to-read measurements in a few quick seconds.
  • [No Battery] Dr.meter's unique design eliminates the need for batteries and power cords. Just insert, check the reading, and remove! It is fast, effortless, and safe for the environment.
  • [Indoor & Outdoor Use] It doesn't matter if your plants are inside or outside--Dr.meter S30 Plus Soil Tester can do it all. This lightweight tool is easy to carry and can be used to test outdoor shrubbery and potted plants alike.
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