eclife Compact Base 4 Pc 230 Lbs Water & Sand Filled Weighted Base Offset Cantilever Hanging Patio Umbrella Base for Banyan Offset Hanging Umbrella


Color:: Dark Brown


  • Compatibility: BLUU COMPACT BASE is only compatible with BANYAN UMBRELLAS and SYCAMORE CANTILEVER UMBRELLAS of BLUU’s, or other brand umbrellas equipped with a cross base up to 40 inches long.
  • Innovative Design: Bluu’s offset umbrella base is designed to cover the crossbar supports of a hanging umbrella. This allows your umbrella to be more wind resistant and sturdy. The added weight helps to ensure that your umbrella is secure to your outdoor space.
  • Top-of-the-line material: The base is made of HDPE material which makes it very sturdy and recyclable. The base can bear a lot of weight and is strong enough to hold your umbrella. The base is built to withstand extreme temperature and UV rays. This base will work all year long.
  • Easy-to-fill: Each plate is built with its own fill port and a twist cap to create a watertight seal. This allows for quick and easy access to refill the base or empty it for moving or storing of the base. Each plate can hold 15 liters of water, which is about 33 pounds. You can know your umbrella will stand firm all year long. After emptying the base, there are built in handles that allow you to be able to move the base easily.
  • DIMENSIONS: This base provides a solid anchor for any offset umbrella. Each plate is 20.1 in X 20.1 in X 2.6 in. Each plate can hold up to 57.5 lbs depending on what you fill the plate with.

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