FitPlus Gel Cooling Memory Foam Body Wedge Pillow with Dual Foam Construction, 4" Gradual Incline, AMZBB002WPL




About this item

  • Foam
  • IDEAL FOR: Assists with symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn, Gerd, snoring, pregnancy, back pain, muscle ache, and more. Can be used with hybrid and memory foam mattresses.
  • DURABILITY: Dual-layer comfort and support foam. Responsive and springy support foam on the bottom for added support and contouring memory foam on the top for a more comfortable night's sleep.
  • COMFORT & TECHNOLOGY: A long, gradual incline from 2" to 6" slightly elevates the upper body to create a more ergonomic sleeping and relaxing position. Channel vented GelLux gel memory foam maintains a cool, comfortable feel and promotes air circulation. Responsive support foam layer underneath the gel memory foam.
  • SHIPPING & CONTENTS: One box shipping. Contains 1 memory foam wedge pillow. Compatible with all sizes of mattresses and mattress toppers and can be used side by side with another wedge.
  • RETURNS & WARRANTY: Backed by a one year warranty. See return policy for more details.

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