GDEALER Digital Kitchen Scale 11lb/5kg Accuracy Food Scale Multifunction Kitchen Scale with Bowl, Stainless Steel, 2.15L Liquid Volume, Alarm Timer, Temperature, Backlight LCD Display




Specifications: division: 1gunits: G/kg, oz./lb., musicale dimensions: 190*190*50 mm tray dimension: 117mm diameter bowl dimensions: (D*h) 8.46” x 3.5”, 2.15Lscale weight: 387gwhite LED backlit operating temperature: 10-40°c(50-104°f)buttons: Z/T, unit, on/off, t-set power: 2*AAA batteries(included)operation: t-set: long press to timer setting, short press to temperature setting. unit:*press unit to select the weighing mode(g/kg/oz./)*timer down when timer is being set's/T: press Z/T to deduct the weight of a container. How to set timer:*long press t-set.*use unit, Z/T and t-set buttons to set the time(maximum of 99mins and 59secs).*press t-set to start the timer.*when the timer gets to "00.00", alarm will beep 60 times and then stop beep automatically. Tare weighing:1. Turn on the scale.4. Add items to the container or tray. Package contents:1 x user Manual2 x AAA batteries

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