Gearari Willow Orthopedic High Resilience Foam Indoor Chair Square Cushion Seat Pads for Office, Car, Home, Floor Helps in Back Pain Relief,Provides Support & Comfort (16" x 16" x 2") Beige


Item Package Quantity:: 1
Color Name:: Beige


About this item

  • ANATOMICALLY ACCURATE DESIGN & SHAPE: The square seat cushion conforms to your individual shape and is especially designed to provide targeted support to the tailbone and relieve pressure from your lower back. The seat cushion helps in minimizing the pressure on the pelvic bone, giving relief from persistent stress and pain.
  • THERAPEUTIC RELIEF FOR THOSE IN PAIN: The seat cushion provides portable comfort during pregnancy and post-surgery recovery. Also, acts as a big comfort factor for those suffering from herniated discs, hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and tailbone injuries. The ergonomic design supports and shapes buttocks and also promotes good posture by enabling natural spinal alignment.
  • EXCELLENT ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT WITH HIGH RESILIENCE FOAM: High resilience (HR) foam bring firm yet yielding support and makes this seat cushion an ideal choice for prolonged sitting in offices, homes or any kind of chair or seat.
  • FITS EASILY WITH ANY TYPE OF CHAIR OR SEAT: Regular chairs or seats, can cause a lot of discomfort and agony when we are sitting for longer hours. This special square seat cushion will make any kind of chair or seat into an ergonomic one ! The seat cushion is an ideal choice as it brings exceptional comfort when you place it on wheelchairs, chairs for gaming, car seats, aircraft seats, office chairs, benches, chairs for computers, couches, sofas and more.
  • CRAFTED WITH CONSCIENCE & QUALITY: Developed from safe and eco-friendly materials from German technology by BASF, the seat cushion gives you an extra reason to experience sound and carefree experience ! The fine quality removable outer cover is easy to maintain and keeps the seat cushion fresh and clean. Enjoy the comfort and safety with a year-long warranty on this product.

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