he Original MyStraw Folding Drinking Stainless Steel Metal Straw | Collapsible Reusable-Medical Food Grade | Portable with Case Keychain Cleaning Brush | Wide Mouth (Black Sand)


Color: Go Green


  • ✅ SAVE THE PLANET with reusable silicone drinking straws. MyStraw is dedicated to helping you stop polluting our oceans and ecosystems with harmful plastics we use every day, like plastic straws.
  • ✅ TAKE WITH YOU to your favorite restaurants and cafes so that you can say “NO” to plastic straws while still enjoying the convenience. MyStraws are your new Starbucks reusable straws!
  • ✅ DO YOUR PART to help cities, hotels and cruises that are choosing to ban and replace plastics and plastic straws by using your personal reusable drinking straw the next time you’re out or on vacation!
  • ✅ BE FLEXIBLE like MyStraw! Unlike stainless steel straws, MyStraw was designed to be collapsible, bendable and foldable. Bend as much as you’d like and it won’t cause damage thanks to our improved reusable straw design.
  • ✅ IT IS THE LAST STRAW for our planet. Can you help? By saying “YES” to reusable drinking straws, you are saying “YES” to standing up for the planet and everyone that calls it home. Click “Add to Cart” now!
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