HOMILY Bubbles Solution Concentrated 32 OZ (UP to 2.5 Gallon) Bubble Refill for Wedding Bubble Party Favor1




  • ✅32 OZ Bubble Concentrated Refill: The liquid weighs at least 32 OZ and requires adding water before using it. We have the advantage of being a concentrated solution that saves us the cost of buying bubble water again and again.
  • ✅Add Up To 10 times As Much Water:The ratio of water can be arbitrarily added, up to 10 times the ratio. A small amount of water can make big bubbles that don't burst easily. A lot of water can be added to blow a small bubble, colorful, very interesting.
  • ✅7.4 inch X 4.4 inch X 2.4 inch: The bottle is very small and lovely. It's small, but it contains a 32oz concentrate. After purchasing, you can weigh it in advance, and you will find that our liquid is actually around 33oz. Very affordable.
  • ✅Bubbles for Kids Best Choice: .We pay attention to the quality of our products. All the materials used are safe and not harmful. Suitable for children and pets. Mention: Do Not Drink.
  • ✅Bubbles for Toddlers On Summer:Sending bubble products to your colleagues, friends and family members is a very popular gift in summer. They can have a good time in their yard, outside even at school. Start Have Fun Now!
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