KOKIPRO Mini Glass Rectangular Dish 1L for 1 Person Transparent Glass Baking Dish Individual Small Oven Dish 21x14x4.3cm Lasagne Dish Roaster Baking Dish for Oven Lasagne Pan Gratin Dish Bakeware


Colour Name:: 1L


About this item

  • 🍳【Mini Size】The interior dimension of this mini bakeware is 8.5x5.5x1.7in, not including the handle. This is a small individual roasting pan, which is perfect for one person, for children or for people who are on a diet. In this way you can stay in shape and the food will not be wasted.
  • 🍳【Safe for Food】The lasagna dish is made of tempered glass, which is heat resistant from -20 ℃ to 250 ℃. Unlike the metal bakeware, the glass baking dish does not react with food, for example the acidic food so the foods are sanitary in this dish.
  • 🍳【Ideal for Lasagne】This is a rectangular shaped ovenware with slightly curved corners. It is very suitable for cooking lasagne and brownies. Of course, this versatile glass oven dish is also ideal for roasts, gratin, salad, quiche etc. It really is an essential for everyday.
  • 🍳【Scratch Resistant】With an anti-scratch performance, the glass lasagne dish is solid to resist the scratch. You can cut your lasagne or your brownie directly in the baking ware and no need to change dishes. Besides, this backing tray is made of non-porous glass, so it is very easy to clean after use.
  • 🍳【Transparent Appearance】Thanks to the transparent appearance of this glass rectangular dish, you can monitor the process, control the temperature and the cooking time. In addition, this gratin dish remains clear and new over time because of its non-stick surface.

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