Komax Biokips Ice Cube Trays With Locking Lid | [4-Pack Set] Small Ice Cube Trays With Lid | Ice Cube Maker for Cool Drinks, Bourbon, Whiskey & Cocktails | FDA-Approved & BPA-Free Ice Cube Mold Tray




  • 🎲 PERFECT ICE CUBE TRAYS - Komax Biokips ice cube trays are the perfect set to make square ice cube molds. The four trays in the package fit twenty-one ice cubes each. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is most durable, food-grade and hygienic. Biokips products are renown for their amazing durability and style, and awarded one of the most prestigious design prize in the world, the "Red Dot Design Award".
  • 🎲 BETTER THAN SILICONE - Silicone ice trays are so thin and rigid that it shattered when trying to dislodge the ice. In addition to the fact that silicone absorbs smells and flavors which can lead to a peculiar smell and undesirable taste. As for Biokips, you would not have to worry about such flaws.
  • 🎲 LEAKPROOF AND ODOR-FREE - The cover has snap locks on all four sides, and it functions firmly, there is no leakage, preventing any air or smell absorption, stackable (horizontally and vertically) and it is much easier to transfer the full trays into the freezer without a single drop.
  • 🎲 BPA-FREE ICE CUBE TRAYS - Komax Biokips ice cube trays are both BPA-Free and FDA-approved. You can use the trays to freeze baby food, smoothie cubes, lemonade, coffee, and any other juice. Count on an ice cube tray that can keep your frozen goods fresh and clean.
  • πŸ“Œ TO DISLODGE THE ICE EASILY - It can take some twisting before releasing the ice cubes right away, but to make things easier, you can leave the trays in room temperature for few minutes OR you can run the tray under water and the cubes shall break loose rather quickly. If you're looking for a sturdy ice cube trays, it's hard to find anything better than Biokips.
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