LAYADO Electric Foot Callus Removers, Electric Foot File with 3 Grinding Head & 5 Pedicure Tools Set for Cracked Heels and Dead Skin




  • Electric Callus Remover with 5 Pedicure Tools Set: The foot pedicure Kit has many pedicure tools feet file, two-sided foot file, two-sided sandpaper foot file, dead skin ford, nail file to keep your feet clean and smooth feels like professional pedicure at salon.
  • Electric Foot File with 3 Grinding Head: The electric foot file has three replacement grinding heads with different roughness. One fine grinding head for daily foot care; one regular grinding head for dead skin; one coarse grinding head for troublesome crack callus.
  • Fast Charging of Rechargeable Electric Foot File: The foot file has a built-in 1200mah rechargeable battery. the capacity of hard skin remover is 40% bigger than others, the hard skin remover can be used wireless for 90 minutes after 3 hours of full charge, supporting corded and cordless use.
  • Electric Callus and Hard Skin Remover: The electric foot file has a built-in high-quality motor that can reach a maximum speed of 2500. 360° rotating to automatically remove foot heel cracked, dry, hard dead and thick skin, calluses easily in minutes to rejuvenate your foot, making it elegant, healthy and sexy, enjoying a fast, painless foot spa.
  • Wide Contact Area: The grinding head of the electric foot file is designed with a circular arc shape. After many tests, it is found that the curved grinding head fits the skin of the foot better and can touch 99% of the foot area, which is better Clean up the callus of the foot.

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