Mandoline Slicer,Asscom Vegetable Slicer,Vegetable Cutter,Cheese Slicer,Vegetable Julienne Slicer with Grade Stainless Steel Blades,1 Kitchen V Slicer+1 Vegetable Brush+1 clean brush, 4-Blade Slicer




  • Brand:Asscom. We put the Vegetable Cutter+One pcs top quality Vegetable clean brush.The brush can clean the vegetable and the Fruit.SHRED, SLICE, CHOP: Whether you want to julienne carrots or quickly cut up French Fries, the SliceMan vegetable chopper is your go-to kitchen helper. With four easily switched attachments.
  • CUT THE 4KIND OF THE Shape&ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS & SAFETY LOCK –We put 4-Kind of blade for the Vegetable Slicer to cut the 4kind of the shape.4 positions that can be easily, the thicken for the slicer:6*6mm Julienne,3*3mm Julienne,1.5mm Slices,3.5mm Slices and lock position for safety storage and STAINLESS STEEL V-BLADES - Strong sharp stainless steel V-Blade makes.
  • SAFETY: It is very safety.With SliceMan, you can create julienne vegetables, potato chips, or finely chopped tomatoes without even picking up a knife. It's easier, very safety.Use for vegetables: carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, rutabagas, turnips, squashes, radishes, sweet potatoes, and many more.
  • GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT: When it comes to a vegetable slicer, you want three things: speed, safety and precision - the SliceMan gives you all three in an easily-handled, sturdy tool that will carve its way through just about anything under its blade and won't run away from you while you work. Most importantly, the finger guard on this mandoline food slicer ensures that your fingers remain out of the line of fire. The result is crisply sliced, finely chopped or perfectly julienne veggies.
  • LEAN AND MEAN&GUARANTEE:We combine an ultra-sharp blade with high-quality ABS plastic to create this lean, mean slicing machine. Just snap on your desired attachment, pound away, do a quick rinse with warm or cold water, then hang it on a rack or slide it into a drawer.The SliceMan julienne slicer is as convenient as it is versatile,one year quality guarantee.
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