Matcha set included matcha whisk (Chasen) matcha scoop (Chashaku) and matcha spoon Traditional Handmade matcha starter kit easy turns organic matcha green tea powder into ceremonial matcha tea




  • ENJOY A TRADITIONAL TEA CEREMONY — Tea ceremony has been an integral part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years and is best experienced with its own specialized Japanese tea set — now brew your very own cup the traditional way with Woodcha Japanese green tea set designed specifically so that you too can enjoy the nutritious, healthful and wholesome benefits of matcha, and relish the unique taste!
  • ESSENTIAL JAPANESE TEA SETS — Each tea set (Japanese) is a carefully curated collection of a matcha whisk (chasen), a matcha scoop (chashaku) and a tea spoon, which are essential tools to prepare just the perfect full-bodied cup of matcha with a delectable thin layer of froth & a gentle earthy aroma that tingles your delicate taste buds!
  • NATURAL TEA CEREMONY SET (JAPANESE)— Elegant tea (Japanese) set is crafted from premium-quality organic bamboo that is free from harmful chemicals, poisonous varnishes and dangerous pesticides, making it safe for matcha preparation, while its strong build will last you for a long time to come!
  • SUPERIOR JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY SET — The matcha bamboo scoop is crafted with a single piece of bamboo and our delicate tea japanese whisk is made with equally spaced prongs that give you uniform infusion and aeration of the tea, yielding its signature froth and smooth blend, while the tea spoon is perfect to mix the tea when the powder settles down.
  • PROMISE OF QUALITY — Customer satisfaction is our primary aim, that is why we provide you with a starter matcha replacement or money back assurance with no question asked on our matcha whisk set. However, the best matcha green tea powder made in Japan so we are quite sure that our matcha green tea set will not fail to please you!
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