Mcusta Zanmai Classic Leather Strop kit with Polishing Compound- Knife Stropping Block for Sharpening & Honing- Knives, Straight Razor, Woodcarving Chisels - with eBook

Mcusta ZanmaiSKU: D0A459547



  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: Our Classic Bamboo Base Leather Strop design has high build quality, light weight & highly durable. Bamboo base has Non Slip rubber base, premium cow hide leather & beautiful classic design makes it ideal choice for many professionals like Chefs & Woodcarvers to keep their tools razor sharp.
  • ✅ UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: Not all strops are created equal as not all leathers are genuine or real, our sharpening strop block uses premium quality genuine cow hide leather. Using green honing/polishing compound included in the kit you can put a TRUE MIRROR POLISH on your BLADE EDGES QUICKLY. After sharpening your knife or tool on sharpening stone finish it off with leather strop for a EXTREMELY SHCRP EDGE. Imagine this strop as your finest whetstone.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE: Due to its light weight, DURABLE DESIGN & large stropping leather area its EASY TO HOLD in your hands without causing any strain. You can also pin it down on working table non-slip rubber base will make it SECURE & SAFE to use. Imagine the green compound (buffing compound) as big crayon apply evenly on your surface this will help polish your blade edges more QUICKLY.
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSE USE: We want you to have ONE STROP TO HONE THEM ALL to get razor sharp edge quickly. You can sharpen all kind of tools like Chef's knife, hunting knives, pocket knife, woodworking chisel, straight razors, axe & more.
  • ✅ SUPERIOR BUNDLE : Your complete leather strop kit comes with Patented Plexiglass Premium quality leather strop, Green Polishing compound & a detailed eBOOK with lots of TIPS & TRICKS which will appeal at every skill level. This simple-yet-unparalled award winning tool is used by everyone from home chefs, woodworking enthusiast to various professionals. Don't forget to buy this as a PERFECT GIFT for your family & friends.
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