Modern Innovations Terracotta Plant Watering Stakes for Home and Vacation Plant Watering, Set of 4

Modern InnovationsSKU: HCXKHCK1Z5



  • Use recycled wine bottles along with these amazing Terracotta plant watering Spikes to create a self-irrigation watering system.
  • Whether your plants are indoor or outdoor, at home or in the office, these Self-Watering Spikes will keep your plants alive by delivering just the right amount of water to them preventing water overflow. Grow healthier plants by preventing over or under watering.
  • Travel more without having to worry about finding Someone to water your plants.
  • As the water begins to run out, just refill the wine bottles so that your plants stay hearty and robust.
  • This set makes a perfect gift for first-time gardeners or Potted plant owners. Order yours today!
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