MONBENTO - Lunch Box Sauce Containers MB Temple S Coton / Onyx - Tiny Leak-Proof Containers - Reusables - For Work/School Lunch Packing - Suitable for Bento Box MB Original & MB Square - Gray & Black


Size:: S (2 x 0.33 floz)
Color:: Green Natural / Blue Natural


About this item

  • REUSABLE AND RESISTANT: MB Temple S sauce containers are guaranteed BPA-free (in accordance with the regulations). They are made of PP, a very strong and easily recyclable plastic that guarantees resistance.
  • FRENCH DESIGN, COMPACT AND PRACTICAL: their compact form is optimized to ensure your sauce cups slip easily in your bento box. Easy to maintain, MB Temple S sauce containers are dishwasher and freezer safe
  • LEAKPROOF: with their 10-ml (0,7 floz) capacity, slightly smaller than that of its big brother, the MB Temple M, MB Temple sauce container stores sauces and condiments so you can take them anywhere worry free. Their screw top fitted with a silicone seal ensures these sauce cups are airtight: no more sauce pooling in the bottom of your bag!
  • GUARANTEE: monbento sauce containers are guaranteed two years!
  • ASSORTED COLORS: with their grey Coton and black Onyx colors, it is the perfect addition to your bento set.

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