Nest 9 Round Dog Bed Deep Den, Bagel, Donut, and Deep Dish Style for Cuddler, Machine Washable


Size:: Small (24"x20"x8")
Color:: Medium (30"x24"x10") Black Ripstop


  • CHEW PROOF RATING: 3/5; the number of raised edges and corners on this bagel shaped dog bed gives chewing dogs too many places to latch onto and do damage. This round dog bed is ideal for LIGHT chewers and diggers only. For a heavy chewer or very destructive dog, please consider our Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed.
  • Bagel and donut shaped dog beds offer a sense of security and comfort for dogs who love to cuddle. Often called deep dish dog beds, our design with this Deep Den Dog Bed allows your dog to snuggle into 360 degree bolstered comfort.
  • We removed all zippers and Velcro to make this a very durable dog bed. The proprietary RipStop Ballistic Material resists destructive behaviors such as chewing, scratching, digging, and general roughhousing. This is a truly durable round dog bed!
  • This bagel dog bed is machine washable. The inner round dog mat is easily removed and spot cleaned or tossed into the washing machine. The high bolster walls of this dog bed can be machine washed in larger washing machines, or wiped clean with ease.
  • This bagel dog bed features RipStop Material on the outside; Velvet may be present on interior depending on color selected.
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