Ortz Pet Hair Remover Gloves - Gentle Pet Grooming Glove Brush, Efficient Deshedding Mitt, Pet Massage Gloves Perfect for Dogs Cats and Horses Long Short Fur - Five Finger Design Right Hand 1 Pack

OrtzSKU: HC56412F8R



  • PREMIUM QUALITY PET GROOMING GLOVE FOR YOUR PET - are you looking for a way to groom your pet in the comfort of your own home? Get this grooming glove that can lift away loose fur, dirt, and small debris out of your pet’s fur. After grooming, simply pull the fur and dirt off the glove and throw them away in the trash.
  • SOFT RUBBER TIPS THAT GENTLY MASSAGE YOUR PET - are you looking for a grooming tool that can also massage your pet? This pet grooming glove is perfect for you. It has soft rubber tips that can gently massage your pet without hurting the skin. A gentle massage can relax your pet and stimulate the skin for a shiny, healthy fur.
  • FIVE-FINGER DESIGN FOR EFFICIENT CLEANING - are you worried about dirt accumulating in hard-to-reach areas in your pet’s body? This pet grooming glove has a five-finger design that easily slips on your hand. This design contours easily to clean even hard-to-reach body parts like behind the legs, under the chest, tails, and around the face.
  • VERSATILE PET GROOMING GLOVE - are you looking for a multifunctional glove? This pet grooming glove is perfect for grooming, de-shedding, massaging, and bathing. It can be used dry or wet. Use this glove to scrub your pet gently during baths.
  • GET YOUR TOP-OF-THE LINE PET GROOMING GLOVE - you get one glove that’s great for all sizes and breeds of furry pets, giving you more value for money. If for any reason you are not happy with this, let us know and we’ll make it right. We are committed to providing the best products and customer service. Get your pet grooming glove risk-free with our premium brand guarantee.
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