Petsmatig Wire Cat Cage: Spacious Foldable Metal Pet Crate Playpen with 3 Openings, 3 Platforms, 3 Ladders, 1 Hammock, 1 Bottom Tray, 4 Wheels and Free Grooming Gloves

PetsmatigSKU: HC5O076798



  • ALL IN ONE METAL PET CRATE: The PETMATING CAT KENNEL will be your cat’s favorite place to feel safe and comfortable wherever it is set up; with 3 adjustable platforms and ladders, a removable hammock, pull-out bottom tray, and attachable wheel casters with brakes, it has 3 openings with locks and can be easily folded for storing; it arrives with 20 ribbon ties, nuts, bolts, and instructions plus a pair of pet grooming gloves; it measures 35.4 by 23.6 by 51.2 inches and weighs 46.1 pounds
  • INNOVATIVE CAT HOUSE FOR PLAY OR REST TIME: Finally, your cat or cats will have the security and privacy from other animals and humans both indoors and outdoors as the PETSMATIG LARGE CAT CRATE provides plenty of room to relax for 1 to 2 cats with its 3 platforms, 3 climbing ladders, and a hammock; able to fit in the house, use when gone for a several hours, transport an animal, set up outside, or as a holding pen in a store or shelter, it comes with 4 wheels with brakes to attach if needed
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Each PETSMATIG PET PLAYPEN is made of power-coated 0.3-0.5cm hard steel wire with 2.9cm gaps; 20 plastic ties secure the 3 ABS plastic platforms, 3 metal ladders, and polar fleece hammock; the bottom leak-proof pull-out tray is made of a sturdy thick black plastic and slides out for quick cleaning; all wheels are metal and plastic and come with assembly nuts and bolts; the crate is ideal for small pets such as cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, and more
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE PLUS FREE BONUS: Best to set up by 2 people, the PETSMATIG LARGE CAGE is put together with concise, clear instructions with no added tools; accessible by 3 locking openings (1 large and 2 smaller with arches), insert and arrange the included platforms, ladders, or hammock and favorite toys or bedding; since it is foldable, it can be moved or stored quickly; also included is a pair of TPE grooming gloves with 343 silicone tips that gather loose fur from pets, furniture, and mor
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We know you and your cat will love our high-quality product; please contact us immediately with any questions or concerns; BUY WITH CONFIDENCE the PETSMATIG LARGE METAL CAT CRATE that comes complete with openings with locks, platforms, ladders, a hammock, bottom tray, attachable wheels, ribbon ties, grooming gloves, and detailed instructions, making it the perfect place for your beloved feline to feel comfortable and happy, out of constant foot traffic and harm’s way
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