QBLEEV 5 Pack Bird Bell Balls Sets for Chewing Playing Training´╝îColorful Parrot Cage Treat Toy for Cockatiel Parakeet Conure Budgie´╝îSmall Pet Foot Talon Toy for Parrot Kitten Puppy´╝îRandom Color




  • ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ FUNCTION -- ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ Stimulate your pet's mind as well as its motor skills and to keep your friend vigorous and healthy.
  • ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ With bright colors, and each ball contains a small bell, it sends a clear crisp sound, attract the attention of the pet.
  • ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ PACKAGE -- ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ Included with 5 balls, random color, the diameter of each ball is 3.5cm /1.37 inches.
  • ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ MATERIAL -- ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ The bird chewing balls are made of premium plastic´╝înon-toxic´╝îsafe for small pet. ´╝łThey are can be destroyed, not indestructible´╝ë
  • ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ APPLICATION -- ­čÄŐ­čÄŐ Suitable for most small pets´╝îkitten´╝îpuppy and most parrots´╝ł cockatiel´╝îparakeet´╝îconure´╝îbudgie´╝îlovebirds...´╝ëetc.
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