S7 7X-45X Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Wide-Field 10X Eyepieces,0.7X-4.5X Zoom Objective Lens, Single-Arm Boom Stand, and 56-Bulb LED Ring Light


Size:: S7-Trinocular


About this item

  • A stellar stereo microscope for research, gemology, circuit board and electronics repair, engraving, and other uses that require a high level of surface magnification
  • Two super wide-field 10X eyepieces with diopter adjustment pair with the 0.7X-4.5X zoom objective lens offers a continuous magnification range of 7X-45X
  • The trinocular head is tilted at an ergonomic 45-degree angle to decrease eye and neck strain; includes a third port for an additional eyepiece or camera
  • Includes a powerful 56-bulb LED ring-light to flood the field of view with brilliant, shadow-free illumination cool enough for working with temperature-sensitive specimens
  • Rugged construction with a sturdy metal base and swinging arm boom-stand that allows for work with large objects

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