SEVERINO Pack of 2 Mole Repellent Ultrasonic Mole Repellent Solar Waterproof Mole Control for Outdoor Garden Farm Fruit Garden for Repelling Rats / Cats / Dogs


Size Name:: 13*5.5inch


  • Effective for removing moles and voles: the device emits vibrations in the ground that disturbs moles and voles that are so annoyed and leave the infested areas. An essential tool to protect garden, farm, lawn, land and seedlings from rodent damage.
  • Wide coverage: the solar mole repeller sends ultrasonic waves every 40 seconds, which are effective in all directions within 650 square metres (depending on terrain). Wide range and versatility to get rid of snakes, moles, voles, mice, rats and other digging animals and more that can damage your garden, patio, farms, garden and lawn etc. We recommend using 2 for better results.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe: mole repellent, no radiation, chemicals or toxins, your dog and cat will not be bothered and other pets.
  • Waterproof and corrosion protection: the solar animal repellent is waterproof and corrosive
  • Durable: a high-tech solar panel is built into the solar animal repellent. No additional batteries are required, it is automatically charged from the solar panel. It absorbs energy during the day and works continuously all night to prevent moles and rodents from returning. The efficiency of photoelectric conversion does not decrease after prolonged use.
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