SoSo-BanTian1989 Adjustable Elderly Bath Shower Chair Stool (Gray)

SoSo-BanTian1989SKU: HCTF26ED8

Size:: Small
Color:: Large Blue


  • 1. Made of high quality aluminum alloy material, eco-friendly PE seat, waterproof, anti-corrosion and not easy to rust
  • 2. It has a drainage outlet on the surface, and the surface of the seat board features clear and anti-skid texture, also there are 12 drainage holes to avoid soak in the water, which is comfortable
  • 3. Ergonomic seat board, 7 levels for adjustment, suitable for different heights of people
  • 4. The handrails on both sides of the board, easy to move
  • 5. Can be used as a bath stool or a normal home chair, suitable for use in a variety of places, such as bedrooms, bathrooms etc.
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