Straight Razor | 100 Single Edge Lord Platinum Saloon Blades | 100% Stainless Steel | Professional Shavette for Close Shaving | Exquisite Design for Classy Gentlemen | Straight Razor Set - BRV MEN




Straight Razor Shaving Kit
Comes with 100 Single Edge Derby Blades
Perfect gift for men

STAINLESS STEEL RAZOR - Made of 100% durable stainless steel our straight razor is extremely durable. There is no nickel, any other alloys or harmful metals and chemicals in our products, you get 100% true manliness. We care about you and your skin. Rust-free.

CLASSIC DESIGN - Mens straight razor. BRV MEN products are designed for true gentlemen in mind. This particular straight razor is very similar to what your grand grandfather used to shave. We designed it with a modern and clean look. You don’t have to feel like a cavemen to use one, it matches modern men lifestyle. Straight blade razor.

- Growing your beard and mustache ? Use our straight razor to shape your cheek line and neck line. Beard Razor.
- Looking for wet shaving ? Get rid of your facial hair. You will get the closest shave you ever had.
- Are you a barber ? You know what to do :). Perfect accessories for barbershop

AFFORDABLE - You get professional grade razors at an affordable price with 100 single edge Derby blades which will last 200+ shaves. Shaving blades for men. Use with any single edge exchangeable blades. Time to get rid of your disposable cartridges. Straight razor blades are very easy to use.

PERFECT GIFT for HIM - Are you looking for a unique gift ? Fathers day, anniversary, valentines day, birthday, etc.. He will love it. Essential wet shaving tool

- Take off the protection cap
- Separate the two handles
- Carefully place the blade in between the handles
- Close the top handle until you hear the a click
- Your razor is ready to use. Hold it properly. See the instructions inside the box to see how to hold it properly.

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