Tapix Bird Repellent Device 10 Pack Reflective Bird Diverters Hanging Spiral Ornamental Bird Deterrent Product Effectively Keeps Birds Away 11 inch Attractive Bird Scare Rods

TapixSKU: HC2D6E5T7



  • BIRD DETERRENT- These visual reflective spiral rods ornamental spiral stylish design are highly effective to divert birds away. The main function is to rotate using wind effect spiral design to produce strong reflections that confuses the birds from coming from any angle. This will prevent any kind of bird attack and will protect your area and valuables. The device works for all kinds of birds, this will protect your assets and will solve your issue with bird droppings and or nesting problems.
  • HUMANE SOLUTION- The bird deterrent product is made from safe non-toxic plastic material that would not harm the environment and animals. The device uses a mirror-like reflection using direct sunlight to distract and confuse birds coming from any direction. Best bird deterrent product to scare birds in a humane way possible ideally using visual rod repellent.
  • YARD DECORATION- These reflective bird diverter devices are 11-inch-long decorative spiral design. Aside from its bird deterrent purpose, this bird scare rod is a double function decorative design making your surroundings more pleasing. Absolutely perfect to hang outdoors.
  • EASY TO USE- Simply hang the bird reflector repellent rods in your bird-free zone on visible areas with direct sunlight. The bird repellent product comes with strings to easily tie or hang the rods on anything.
  • QUALITY BIRD REPELLER- This bird repellent device is made of durable plastic weatherproof material for outdoor use. Possible to hang and take down easily multiple times for transferring to your next zone. The bird scare rod comes with attached durable strings to prevent the product from falling off due to strong winds.
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