TERA PUMP Genuine Nano Aquarium Cleaner Fish Tank Gravel Sand Cleaner (for Small Aquariums Under 10 Gallons) BPA-Free TRFTCLN-S


Size:: Small


  • Narrow Suction Tube: This smaller suction tube allow for use in smaller Aquariums ( 10 Gallons or less)
  • Flow Control: Water flow can be controlled by pinching the flow control tube
  • Nozzle is for cleaning Fish Leftover Food, Droppings and Fine Gravel / Takes the Waste out while Replacing the Water; Will not Hurt any Small Aquarium Life when in use
  • Suction Cub: Securely keeps the suction tube in place allowing the pump to operated with one hand
  • Filter will keeps Large Gravel from entering pump to prevent blockage while operating ( 1 Gallons per Minute )
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