Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Baby Sleep Machine | Pink Noise Sound Machine, Red Night Light | Scientifically Proven, Smart CrySensor




  • The scientific way to better sleep: Developed with top sleep scientists in the UK, this sound and light sleep machine relaxes your baby, encourages them into a deep sleep and prolongs the length of their sleep
  • Pink noise: Mimics the natural sounds of the womb and encourages baby to fall asleep faster, deeper and for longer. Like white noise, it’s a comforting, familiar and more natural background noise for baby.
  • Red light: The soothing red light encourages the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, and is minimally stimulating so it won’t disturb baby (or you) once asleep
  • Pulsing glow: The rhythmical pulses of soft light mimic the slow, deep breaths of baby’s relaxed breathing rate which calms baby and helps them to drift off to sleep
  • Smart CrySensor technology: The integrated CrySensor listens out for baby’s cries during the night and automatically turns the device back on to soothe baby back to sleep
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