Total 18 Pieces Mason Jar Pattern Zipper Airtight Seal Bags Set Reusable Portable Food Saver Storage Bags for Travel Picnic Camping by APOL




  • Made from PE (Polyethylene),BPA free,no toxic,safe to use.
  • Can be reusable,refrigerated and heat resistant (under 110℃/230℉).
  • Pack of 18 pieces food bags in three sizes,Large*5(24.5cm/9.7"×14.5cm/5.7"),Medium*6(19.5cm/7.7"×12cm/4.7"),Small bags*7(15cm/5.9"×10cm/3.9").
  • Zipper airtight designed,leak proof,great for food classification saver, and storage like snacks,candies,fruits,crackers,cookies,sandwich seasoning and so on.
  • Portable and easy to transport,not only for storage foods on kitchen or freezer,but also can be carry food for outdoor,like travel picnic,camping,etc.
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