VANKEY Flexible Cooking Rack Grill 18inch Flexible Cooking Rack for Kamado Joe Classic, Stainless Steel Kamado Expander Multi-Level Cooking Grid Grates for Large Big Green Egg, Vision Ceramic Grills




  • FLEXIBLE COOKING RACK➤1PCS KJ-XR holder for Kamado Joe classic grill accessories(18inch),1PCS basic cooking system holder ,2PCS stainless steel half-moon grills(18inch), 2PCS ceramic half-moon heat deflectors(15inch),This Flexible Cooking Rack is Ideal for grill accessories for outdoor grill.
  • MULTI-SURFACE VERSATILITY➤Compatible with several other accessories and can also be used with other cast iron grills of the same size for a different grilling experience. Multiple heating zones can be created to cook different foods at the same time, expanding your grilling surface by 200%. With these versatile grilling accessories, you can grill plates of delicious food with your family and friends.
  • FOOD-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL➤Made of high-quality stainless steel, suitable for a variety of vegetables, meat, seafood ingredients. Smooth welding, firm and not easy to bend, practical and smooth, no sliding, long service life.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION➤The set includes a stainless steel grill , pizza plate , in the case of family gatherings mixed flavors , separate different types of food , you can make fish , steak and vegetables at the same time , you can also make pizza , while the KJ-XR rack can also be used to support the frying pan and pizza plate , will enjoy more cuisine.
  • SUITABLE FOR KAMADO JOE CLASSIC JOE SERIES➤Compatible with Kamado Joe Classic Joe Series, Large Big Green Egg, and other ceramic Kamado charcoal grills with 18". Similar to KJ23RH, KJ23RHC, KJ23NRHC, KJ23RHCI-A. Compatible with KJ-XR, KJ-FCR, KJ-HCG.

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