Wyewye Expandable Garden Outdoor Water Hose 100 ft for Yard Mangeras Flexible 100ft de Agua with 3/4" Solid Brass Fittings 10 Function Spray Nozzle 100' Foot Garden Hose for All Your Watering Need




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  • Design For Long Life---The exterior of the expandable garden hose is wrapped with high-quality and high-strength 3300D polyester surface material, which can effectively prevent wear and tear caused by dragging on the ground. Compared with traditional water hose which is only 300 uses under the water pressure of 145 PSI/10 Bar, our garden hose will provide you a good experience for 1800-2000 uses.
  • Say Goodbye To Leaking---The water hose 100ft adopts upgraded 3/4' solid brass interface fitting. It can effectively control the water flow, meet strict sealing standards, and prevent leakage to the greatest extent. The unique brass material is not easy to rust and corrode, so there is no need to worry about frequent replacement.
  • New 10 Function Nozzle --- 10 water spray modes(angle-full-cone-center-jet-flat-mist-shower-steam-1/2vert) hose nozzle is used in conjunction with our 100ft retractable water hose, you can easily deal with watering gardens, washing cars, floors, windows, etc. And other various scenes!
  • Expandable and No-tangle Hose---After being filled with water under normal water pressure, our garden hose can be extended up to 3 times to 100ft quickly. The internal 3 layers of natural latex pipes with better toughness make the hose expand evenly and are not easy to be damaged. Compared with traditional hose, flexible hose is not easy to kinks, twists and tangles.Trust me, you'll never be disappointed.
  • Lighter and Easy To Store ---Our new version flexible hose is only 20% of the weight of traditional water hose.Comes with a storage bag and heavy-duty hanger.This makes it very convenient to use our hose at home or take with you when go out. The heavy-duty hanger can help you tidy and store well and save a lot of space.

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