Y- STOP - Hammock, hanging chair, swing and rope with a maximum capacity of 330 lbs / 150 Kg. Of quality cotton fabric for comfort and durability


Color:: Beige


  • Enjoy a comfortable hammock chair - This stylish hammock is comfortable and durable. It does not lose the cotton yarn, allowing the user to enjoy the comfort of the soft sponge and it is large enough to have enough room to relax and stretch. And it can support up to 330 pounds / 149.68 Kg.
  • Quality Assured : The soft and sturdy chair is made of soft polyester and cotton, to ensure that it will not break or damage. Using the traditional hanging chair is impossible to penetrate, making it a very good resting place for children or pets. Very comfortable chair without odor.
  • The comfortable hammock provides the best reading place and comes with a side pocket, where you can put the book away after reading it and then you can easily meditate or enjoy the scenery.
  • Features : Anytime, anywhere can be easily moved. In addition to the balcony, terrace, patio and other exteriors, read books, magazines or tablet, while you hang out and snuggle up in a comfortable "cocoon" listen to the rain, crickets, birds or enjoy a quiet night.
  • Wood approximately 40 inches / 101.6 cm. long and saddle approximately 50 inches / 127 cm. High. Includes an S-hook and a 2 meter (6.6 ft) long rope. The pillows in the picture are for reference only and are not included.
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