YWSHUF Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Sound Proof Panels Nosie Dampening Foam Studio Music Equipment Acoustical Treatments Foam 6 Pack-12''12''2''


Color:: Black-Hexagon


  • Acoustic environment is very important for Studios, Recording Studios, Vocal Booths, Control Rooms, Offices, Home Studios, Home Entertainment Theaters, Gaming Rooms, and Home Offices.Acoustic panels are good for sound by effectively controlling unwanted reverb and echo, Great for spot treating walls in your studio or office.
  • Whether you are podcasting and hosting a Webinar or video review producer,nobody likes to hear Echoes through your sounds.Our acoustic panels will help eliminate Echo in any room of your house.
  • By increasing noise absorption properties inside the room will help to reduce noise transmission through the walls and thus reduce noise outside the room.professional acoustic control reduce waves, reverb and flutter echoes in smaller to medium sized rooms.
  • Hexagon Size: 5.9'' X 5.9'' X 0.35''. Square Size: 11.8'' X 11.8'' X 0.35'', Three colors available, Odorless, Non-slip, Corrosion Resistant, Anti-aging.
  • Eco-Friendly - 100% Polyester Fiber, Lightweight & Impact Resistance. Fire Retardant: CA Technical Bulletin 117.

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